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How Do You Modernize A Logo to Look Legendary?

How are a logo design and an outdated kitchen so similar? Sometimes, both of them just need a facelift. Maybe you’ve been in business for 10+ years (which, if you have been, congratulations!) or your logo just doesn’t have the right feel to it.

More often than not, if you’re looking at your logo and thinking “this thing is so old, I just need a new one”, you should actually be looking into modernizing your logo. There are tons of reasons to not just start from scratch and keep with a similar theme to your “outdated” brand identity design. You probably wouldn’t tear out your kitchen and build a whole new one just because the cabinets need a little paint, and your logo should get the same treatment.

So, if you’re looking into getting a new logo for your business, here’s what the process might look like if you want to go the route of modernizing or simplifying.

Strip It

If you take our kitchen analogy, you have to clear out all of the old pieces you want to replace. Before you start working with a designer, it’s important to know which parts of your logo you like (even if they might look a little different in the end). Choose the most recognizable pieces of your identity and work from there, taking out any unnecessary decorative elements, gradient color schemes, or wild fonts.

Update It

Once you’ve got the base concept of your logo, it’s time to update the typography. Depending on the font you’ve been using, it can make your logo seem older. Serif typefaces are often associated with more retro or dated vibes while sans-serif fonts are considered modern and timeless.

New Paint

When you’re updating your brand identity, you should also update your colors. If you’re looking for this to be the last time you have to re-brand, work with your designer to find some classic, neutral colors that won’t ever go out of style. Think minimalism.

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