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How To Market Your Indie Book On Pinterest for More Sales

Hey there, fellow book lovers! If you’re an avid BookToker, you probably know how it has become a powerful platform for promoting indie and self-published authors. Today, I want to share an exciting project I embarked on that involves supporting my fellow indie authors using a different social media platform — Pinterest.

Collecting Book Titles on TikTok

This was a bigger endeavor than I thought it would be. Back in April, I decided to reach out to Indie authors on BookTok with a simple video requesting that they leave their book titles in the comments, and I’ll add them to a special Pinterest TBR (To-Be-Read) board.

Little did I know how overwhelming the response would be! Hundreds of talented indie authors shared their titles, making it a delightful challenge to start curating the Pinterest TBR — both a gift and a curse after about 50 comments.

The Power of Pinterest Marketing

You might be wondering why I chose Pinterest as the platform for this project. Well, Pinterest is more than just a place for DIY projects and recipe ideas. As you may or may not know, it’s an incredibly visual and discovery-oriented platform that can work wonders for all sorts of business, including indie authors.

With its vast user base and the ability to showcase book covers and excerpts, videos, and share direct links to purchase these books, Pinterest offers a unique opportunity to captivate potential readers, and it’s one of the very few apps that wants you to leave their page.

Benefits for Indie Authors

Being featured on any Pinterest TBR board comes with a plethora of advantages for indie authors. Firstly, your book gains exposure to a wide audience actively seeking indie book recommendations.

With my project, I’ve been trying to add the pinned books to a somewhat specific genre sub-board as well, so it’s getting even that more niched down! Pinterest’s algorithm and user engagement further boost the visibility of your work, potentially attracting new readers and fans.

It’s a win-win situation both for authors and book lovers in search of hidden gems.

How Indie Authors Can Use Pinterest to Promote Their Own Book

Pinterest provides a fantastic platform for you to not only promote your book but also give readers a deeper glimpse into your literary world. One of the great features of Pinterest is the ability to create boards centered around your book, characters, and writing inspiration.

Pin Your Book: Start by creating a board specifically dedicated to your book. Include your book cover, a brief synopsis, and any other relevant images that represent the essence of your story. Add links to where readers can purchase your book or find more information. By pinning your own book, you ensure that it’s easily discoverable for Pinterest users searching for specific genres or book recommendations.

Character Boards: Take it a step further and create separate boards for each of your main characters. Pin images that resemble how you envision your characters, along with quotes or snippets of dialogue that showcase their personalities. This allows readers to delve deeper into the lives of your characters, fostering a stronger connection and intrigue.

Outfits and Worldly Inspiration: Don’t stop at characters; create boards that capture the style and fashion of your book’s world. Pin outfits, settings, and other visual elements that inspire your writing. This not only adds depth to your book’s aesthetic but also gives readers a visual representation of the world you’ve created.

By pinning your own book and creating various boards, you provide readers with a richer experience, making them feel like they are delving deeper into the very world you created.