What's New In the Shop - The Multiverse Is Strange Sweatshirt

Making Doctor Strange Inspired Merch Right after the Trailer Drops

1: Inspiration

Of course, the first step to creating any new design is gathering inspiration. As I was watching the trailer for Doctor Strange In the Multiverse of Madness multiple times (and the in-depth trailer breakdown), the word “strange” felt very, very appropriate.

2: Design

I always love creating designs that have the ability to be embroidered. I think embroidery has a certain finality to it and doesn’t wear out as quickly as something that’s screen-printed. For this design, I wanted to use a nice, easily-readable typeface but something to tie in the recognizability of the movie franchise.

I decided on “wensley” for the typeface and utilizing the design of the famous window as a sort of call-back to the franchise.

3: Listing

When creating fan-art, you need to make sure it’s being tagged correctly and made clear that it’s created by a fan and not the official company. I always include “inspired” in my listings and be sure to include in the description that this is fan art NOT created by Marvel (but if they want to hit a girl up for an official job, that would be fabulous).

4: Marketing

After a design is made and listed, it’s important to market it to get some eyes on it. Listing on Etsy tends to get more views and sales than my personal site, but I like to list my designs in multiple places for the highest possible traffic across the web.

You can find this design on Etsy, RedBubble, and my personal Shoppe.

Once the design is created and mockups are generated, I also create Pinterest graphics on Canva, then post to Pinterest with keyword-rich descriptions, alt descriptions, and post images to Instagram.